Presentation: "Shoreline Infrastructure as Coastal Habitat in Boston Harbor, USA"

March 3, 2020


Thesis: "Material matters: a thermal habitat suitability model on shoreline infrastructure in an urban harbor."

Cryan, 2019 (Master's thesis) Northeastern University

Presentation: "Adopting Ecology: Integrating Science into the Practice of Landscape Architecture"

Seminar: "Shoreline Design for Ecological Resilience"

Chapter: "Ecological Design for Urban Coastal Resilience"

Cryan, Helmuth and Scyphers, 2019

in, "Handbook on Resilience of Socio-technical Systems." Edward Elgar Publishing.

Podcast: "Green the Gray" on Political Posse

Featured guest with Dr. Brian Helmuth

March 21, 2019

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Lightning Round: "Shoreline Design"

Guest lecture: "Chelsea Creek: Industrial Landscape"

Profile: "Using maps, kayaks and notebooks to understand the biodiversity and resilience of Boston's coastline"

June 5, 2018

Daniel Hentz, Storybench.org

Presentation: "Considering Marine Ecology in Coastal Adaptation"

May 22, 2018

What's In Your Fish forum at the Boston Museum of Science

Marine and Environmental Sciences Profile: Ashley Cryan

Article: "Graduates' climate change game to connect players around the world"

November 4, 2015

Thea Singer

featured in News@Northeastern Science and Technology

Publication: "Growth, reproduction, and senescence of the epiphytic marine alga Phaeosaccion collinsii"

Cryan et al., 2015

Botanica Marina 58 (4), 275-283

Article: "The rising red tide with climate change"

May 15, 2013

Angela Herring

featured in News@Northeastern Science and Technology

Prize: Research, Innovation and Scholarship Expo 2013

Winner, Physical and Life Sciences Award

May 2013

featured here on Northeastern University RISE website